Automotive Connectors and Terminals


Vist Associated Bonded Cables Ltd for complete wiring solutions

We have the following Thin Wall Automotive cable in stock and at competive prices on 500 metre or 1000 metre reels

0.5mm CSA 1.0mm CSA 1.5mm CSA 2.0mm CSA 2.5mm CSA 3.0mm CSA
Black Orange Slate Yellow White Black Purple Black White Red Black
Black Pink Blue White Yellow Green White Red White Black Purple
Blue Slate   Brown White Brown Slate   Slate Red
Blue Purple Black Yellow Brown LGreen Brown White   Blue Orange
Brown Green L Green Pink Brown Yellow Brown Green   Brown Green
L Green Brown Green Brown Orange White Blue Pink   Orange Green
Green Brown   White Red Blue Brown   Brown Orange
Green Pink Yellow LGreen Slate Blue Black Slate   Slate
Purple Brown Yellow Slate Black Yellow LGreen Yellow   Brown Yellow
Purple Black Yellow White   Brown LGreen   Orange White
Purple Green White Yellow   Brown Orange    
Purple Orange White Pink        
Purple Pink White Green        
Purple Red White Brown    
Purple Slate      
Purple White      
Purple Yellow      
Yellow Green      
Red Yellow      
Red Green      
Orange Red      
Pink Black